Here are the 8 Supreme Court cases the justices have yet to rule on

And there’s always the early summer retirement rumors, this time of two justices that
In all, 32 states and the District of Columbia have laws that are meant to discourage so-called faithless electors. But until 2016, no state had ever actually punished or removed an elector because of his or her vote.

Obamacare contraceptive mandate

The dispute —
A second rule extended the same provision to organizations and small businesses that have objections “on the basis of moral conviction which is not based in any particular religious belief.”
The Trump administration and the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Roman Catholic religious order for women, asked the justices to reverse a lower court order that blocked the rules nationwide.

Religious employment disputes

Seven years ago, the court recognized a “ministerial exception” for the first time, holding that under the First Amendment the government could not interfere with a church’s hiring decisions. The justices held that the teacher in that case could be considered a “minister” under the law, triggering the exception.
Challengers to an exemption provision in the ban argue the provision could be considered a “content based restriction,” which refers to a law that applies differently depending on the content of a certain kind of speech. The First Amendment prohibits the government from “restrict[ing] expression because of its message, its ideas, its subject matter, or its content.”
For the general public, the case may still best be remembered for the
Though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell famously blocked President Barack Obama’s nominee from receiving a hearing or vote in 2016, he has said a Trump nominee would go ahead.
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